Filtering on several customDimensions, then aggregation

The data that comes out from the BigQuery implementation of GoogleAnalytics raw data looks like this: |-visitId |- date |- (....) +- hits |- time |- page |- pagePath |- eventInfo |- eventAction +- customDimensions |- index |- value I am looking to gr

How to track hundreds of websites with google analytics

I have a Content Management System which let people create websites. the CMS has multiple theme and color schemes which they can choose. Every website created using this CMS has a unique domain (, etc). Product In detail: I have

Transaction prediction: which algorithm?

I try to predict my spendings for next month. Which algorithm should I dig into? My guess is to find out regular spendings via frequent pattern detection (FPGrwoth?). I haven't come far with this yet. My CSV: I like the suggestion from the comments t

Use the SUM function in Oracle

I have a table in Oracle which contains : id | month | payment | rev ---------------------------- A | 1 | 10 | 0 A | 2 | 20 | 0 A | 2 | 30 | 1 A | 3 | 40 | 0 A | 4 | 50 | 0 A | 4 | 60 | 1 A | 4 | 70 | 2 I want to calculate the payment column (SUM(pay

Remove outliers in one step

I have a dataset in which there are some outliers due to input errors. I have written a function to remove these outliers from my data frame (source): remove_outliers <- function(x, na.rm = TRUE, ...) { qnt <- quantile(x, probs=c(.25, .75), na.rm =

UTM Analytics Tags - Unsaved Data

I created a helper module in Rails that creates a hash of parameters that are passed to link_to rails helpers. These utm parameters are being used in emails sent out by the Rails app. The problem is that Google Analytics is not picking up any data wh

How to use analytic count to conditionally count?

Using this example, how can I tweak my sql to report whether a listing_id has passed all the tests? with listing_row as ( select 1 as listing_id, 'TEST1' as listing_test, 'Y' as pass_yn from dual union all select 1 as listing_id, 'TEST2' as listing_t

jQuery.on ('click') before

I have an external script, wich i can't modify. This script load a button, and add a jQuery .click on it... and it finish with "return false". I need to trigger my own code on this click. When i load the page the doesn't exists, so i need to use

Can I send events to Eloqua as Google Analytics?

With Google Analytics I can push a custom event to the service with code like this in JavaScript: _gaq.push(['_trackEvent', 'Videos', 'Play', 'Gone With the Wind']); Is there a way to do this with Eloqua in conjunction with their JavaScript tracking

VBA Excel - Function that returns a number or string

I have the following code: It´s working OK but what I want to improve it´s in the final part of the code, if contador = 0, I want mespt="No se considera" instead of just returning 0. Public Function mespt(tutor As String, mes As String, j As Lon

Performance effects of Google Analytics?

I would like to use this gem Can I add the <%= analytics_init if Rails.env.production? %> at the very bottom of the page? Where is it recommended to put the GA script? I'm just trying to make sure the analytics script doesn't slow down the site.You

Are there monitoring tools for AWS S3 and CloudFront?

I am using the amazon services S3 and CloudFront for a web application and I would like to have various statistics about accessing the data that I am providing through the logs of those services (there is logging activated in both services). I did a

Perform analysis on a large table in Rails / PostGreSQL

I have a "Vote" table in my database which is growing in size everyday, currently at around 100 million rows. For internal analytics / insights I used to have a rake task which would compute a few basic metrics, like the number of votes made dai

Flurry does not record anything in Android

I have implemented flurry before. It was working fine. Today with new version of sdk, flurry does not log any thing in logcat. My code public class Flurry { private static final String API_KEY = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"; private stat

Webanalytics tags

I'm wondering why web analytics softwares use a 1x1 gif element to send a beacon, rather than simply including a <script src=''></script> element to send the beacon and thus avoid having to actually r

framework for creating dashboards and alarms

I am working on writing on a big data project in my company. We are writing software which gather a lot of data (clickstream like data). Currently we are storing this data in HBase. We plan to build analytics on top of it. We looked at OBIEE and a po

Group by language in google analytics

I would like to see the data on Demographic -> Language grid grouped by ISO 3316 language, without differences between the (optional) ISO639 country code national variant. For example, instead of seeing: | Language | Visits | |----------|--------| |

Need a BI dashboard to use for SaaS application

I've developed a SaaS application in .net 4.0 and SQL 2008 for my customers and I need to display their data in a dashboard for them to view. This dashboard should be embedded into my application so that its all on our system. So far I've seen 2 opti

Recording the use of the iPhone

Are there any frameworks/services for logging user usage of an iphone application? Say you want to log events like 'creating a contact' or something similiar, to know how people are actually using your app.I have used and really like Pinch Media. (Re

Follow the event in google analytics by clicking on the form

I need to track an event in google analytics when someone fills out a form and clicks submit. The resulting page that comes up is a standard dashboard-type page, so in order to track the event on that page I'd have to pass in the event in the url and

How to track a custom setting with Google Analytics and utm.gif

The situation I'd like to use GA to track some serverside operations. That's why I cant make use of the GA JavaScript functions. But, as you might know, you can request the utm.gif right from your server. This already works fine. The Problem I'd like

How can I follow the hyperlink of images and iframe?

I give out an embed html code so others can post parts of my website as an iframe. I want to be able to track who has my embed code posted. Is there a way to do this?Each time you generate the embed-able code, give each person a new GUID. Embed the G

Google Analytics and Python

I'm brand new at Python and I'm trying to write an extension to an app that imports GA information and parses it into MySQL. There is a shamfully sparse amount of infomation on the topic. The Google Docs only seem to have examples in JS and Java... .

Call the program Web stats of PHP visitors

I've been looking into different web statistics programs for my site, and one promising one is Visitors. Unfortunately, it's a C program and I don't know how to call it from the web server. I've tried using PHP's shell_exec, but my web host (NFSN) ha