Delete and create a dynamoDB table

Using node.js i try to delete and create dynamoDB table again. I need to delete all records from table and put new, so i think is good solution to just delete and recreate whole table. I try with this code dynamo.deleteTable({ TableName: tableName },

dynamodb update element based on 3 columns

i have a table with custID and sensor as my primary and sort keys custID sensor data date joe 123 wind 01/01/1901 mary 456 rain 01/02/1901 now when a new record comes like below new row: joe, 123, temp, 01/04/1901 update row: joe, 123, wind, 01/07/19

How do you handle Amazon Kinesis Record duplicates?

According to the Amazon Kinesis Streams documentation, a record can be delivered multiple times. The only way to be sure to process every record just once is to temporary store them in a database that supports Integrity checks (e.g. DynamoDB, Elastic

Order AWSDynamoDBQueryExpression by UNIX Timestamp

I am new to NoSQL databases and I have changed my database schema from storing dates as a UTC timestamp string, to a UNIX timestamp (number), in hopes that I can create either a scan or a query expression to find the 1000 most recent items in the tab

Node.js communication with DynamoDB- JSON

I try to get data from DynamoDB which userLimit is between lower and higher value. I send lower value to my code with JSON. My Node.js code: var AWS = require('aws-sdk'); var db = new AWS.DynamoDB(); exports.handler = function(event, context) { var l

Error: Can not find or load the main class .library.path =

I am trying to run DynamoDB locally, with the instructions here: I've downloaded the zip file, and unzipped everything into a folder. I'm on Windows 10. In Powershell,

How to load aws dynamodb titan graph with the Rexster server?

I'm new to AWS DynamoDb Titan Graph DB. So i follow the instruction at here I can start Gremlin server and load GraphOfTheGods ok. Then i want to load graph with Rexster server. I s

DynamoDB: Delete old entries automatically

We want to have DynamoDb to automatically delete entries which is, like, more than a year old. Is there a setting or common practice to do it?There's no way to do this automatically with a setting. You can create a job that periodically scans your ta

How can I regularly trigger events in aws lambda?

SHORT VERSION: How can I trigger events regularly in AWS lambda? LONG VERSION: My situation is such that I have events in a database that expire within a certain time. I want to run a function (send push notifications, delete rows, etc.) whenever I f

Automatic deletion of data from the DynamoDb table

Is there any kind of life retention period concept in DynamoDB. I mean is there any way such that data inside a table will be deleted after some time like we can set some retention period in S3. Thanks,No, there is no "retention" setting availab

Easier local DynamoDB tests

I'm using DynamoDB local for unit testing. It's not bad, but has some drawbacks. Specifically: You have to somehow start the server before your tests run The server isn't started and stopped before each test so tests become inter-dependent unless you

Amazon DynamoDB iOS file not found

I'm trying to run the sample project of Amazon DynamoDB. For some reason it doesn't have a DynamoDB.h file anywhere in the folder and it is trying to include one in the source code, so I get an error saying DynamoDB.h not found I tried looking for Dy

Using the Amazon Data Pipeline to Back Up DynamoDB Data on S3

I need to backup my dynamoDB table data to S3 using amazon Data pipeline. My question is- Can i use a single data pipeline to backup multiple dynamoDB tables to S3, or do I have to make a separate pipeline for each of them?? Also, since my tables hav

How to access dynamodb from node.js

I want access the Data of Amazon Data server from Node.js on specific primary key value. The Data is Available in the form: { "Count": 9862, "Items": [ { "Admin": { "S": "false" }, "UserId": { &q

What tools to implement distributed logging?

I'm trying to pick a set of tools to implement logging (starting with just error logging at first) for the different components of our system. The system consists of a set of client implementations (iOS, web MVC etc) and a backend. I'd like to be abl

aggregation and statistics functions on NOSQL databases

Using SQL databases, it is easy to do statistical / aggregate functions like covariance, standard deviation, kurtosis, skewness, deviations, means and medians, summation and product etc, without taking the data out to an application server. http://ww

Querying DynamoDB by date

I'm coming from a relational database background and trying to work with amazon's DynamoDB I have a table with a hash key "DataID" and a range "CreatedAt" and a bunch of items in it. I'm trying to get all the items that were created af

Ridiculously slow write on Amazon DynamoDB (PHP API)

This question has been already posted on AWS forums, but yet remains unanswered I'm trying to to perform an initial upload of a long list of short items (about 120 millions of them), to retriev

How can I access Amazon DynamoDB via Python?

I'm currently using hbase with my Python apps and wanted to try out Amazon DynamoDB. Is there a way to use Python to read, write and query data?You can use boto: docs: