Adding to $ PATH vs. Alias ​​Usage: What's Better?

In at least some cases, aliases and adding $PATH locations can be used interchangeably. For example, looking at the python tool couchapp, I need to either alias the executable (as helpfully described here) or make the executable available via $PATH.

Can not join two keys to a primary key with a left join

SELECT teams.teamname AS Home, teams.teamname AS Away FROM game LEFT JOIN teams ON game.awayteam = teams.teamid LEFT JOIN teams AS T ON game.hometeam = T.teamid My Tables are as Follows Game -GameId(Pk,int), -HomeTeamId (fk,int), -AwayTeamId(fk,int)

If the class exists, call the constructor

I have this Java code snippet: try { Class.forName(command); } catch (ClassNotFoundException ex) { } where "command" is a String which is manually entered at runtime. For the sake of the question, let's assume the user enters "Foo". It

Swift of the Swift function

How can I create an alias for a function in swift? For example I want to call LocalizedString("key") and it should call NSLocalizedString("key", comment:"") I saw typealias command but it looks like it works only for types.Fu

ORA-00904 invalid identifier on the decoding alias

I am running into the error stated in the Title when I attempt to use the alias of a decode in my select statement. Here is the code: SELECT DISTINCT rl.complaint_date, decode(rl.judgement_date,null,rl.complaint_amt,rl.judgement_amt) as account_amt,

Run a script in an alias

I'm trying to alias eclipse to execute eclipse -data $(pwd). However, for some reason adding this to my zshrc doesn't work: alias eclipse="eclipse -data $(pwd)" I can't seem to find the correct syntax - can someone help me out?I don't think you

ZF2: create URL aliases in the router

I'm new to Zend Framework 2 and i want to learn this framework. I want to create url aliases in router. For example, I have defined something like this in module.config.php 'router' => array( 'routes' => array( 'home' => array( 'type' => 'Zend

Which aliases are useful for rail development?

I know many programmers have aliases like ror='script/rails server' and p='pwd' Are there any others that would be useful for Ruby on Rails development?Newer versions of rails have greatly reduced the amount of command-line typing, almost to the poin

Adding an alias for Sublime Text to zshrc

Just have a quick question on how to add an alias for SublimeText to my ZSH. I've been to their site where they tell you how to do it within bash, but I don't understand how to do it within ZSH. It has been killing me, I just want to open text files

How to get the name of the alias that called the bash script

$0 expands to the name of the shell script. $ cat ./sample-script #!/bin/bash echo $0 $ chmod 700 ./sample-script $ ./sample-script ./sample-script If the shell script is invoked via a symbolic link, $0 expands to its name: $ ln -s ./sample-script sy

How to alias a function name in Fortran

Not sure if the title is well put. Suggestions welcome. Here's what I want to do. Check a condition, and then decide which function to use in a loop. For example: if (a < 0) then loop_func = func1 else loop_func = func2 endif I can then use loop_func

SQL: Using an Alias ​​in a Query Statement

I have a (sql server 2008) query as follows: Select *, column1+column2 as alias1 From complaints Order by Case When @param1 = 'filedate' then filedate When @param1 = 'calc' then alias1 End This doesn't work, because ordering on an alias in a case sta

Class aliases in Ruby

I am developing a new Rails app based on a similar existing one. In my old app, I have Coupon class, which is very similar to Ticket in my new app. I want to reuse all code in Coupon, but with a new class name. Since refactoring is cumbersome in Rail

Mysql - How to Alias ​​an Entire Table in a Left Join

I have a situation where a property table holds an address id (from the g_addresses table) and an applicant table also holds an address id from the g_addresses. I'd like to left join these together but select all the fields in the table. I know of us

Create a friendly alias for a SharePoint site

I have a test Sharepoint server running on a Windows 7 machine. The url is http://liu-t500-01 and i want to create a user friendly alias http://temp for it. i have added temp to my hosts file (an A/host entry) and i have also created an alt

Commands Running from vim Do Not Recognize Bash Command Aliases

I use bash on mac and one of the aliases is like this alias gitlog='git --no-pager log -n 20 --pretty=format:%h%x09%an%x09%ad%x09%s --date=short --no-merges' However when I do :! gitlog I get /bin/bash: gitlog: command not found I know I can add alia

Overcome the os.system () limitation in Python 2.3

I am having a problem converting one of my company's scripts from csh to Python. The csh script calls an aliased command, but when I call that same aliased command via os.system(), it does not work. So, if foo is the aliased command: CSH Script (this

Check if the path is folder / bundle / alias in ObjCk

I come from the AppleScript land and there we use alias of (info for thePath) package folder of (info for thePath) folder of (info for thePath) to see if a path is either of the above. But I can't seem to find out how to do it in ObjC/Cocoa. I'm pret

MySQL Alias ​​Question

i am wondering why this fails mysql> SELECT Continent C, Name, SurfaceArea -> FROM Country -> WHERE SurfaceArea = ( -> SELECT MAX(SurfaceArea) -> FROM Country -> WHERE Continent = C); ERROR 1054 (42S22): Unknown column 'C' in 'where clau

Table Variables with an Alias ​​in a Delete From Statement

I want to delete rows from a SQL Server 2000/2005 table variable based on the presence of other rows in the same table (delete all 0 count rows if a non-0 count row exists with the same date). Here is a simplified example that should only delete the

Escape double quotation marks with the alias tcsh

I'm trying to run the following commands: replace -x "must " A2input.txt replace -x " a" -f -s ## A2input.txt replace -x to -s ## -a A2input.txt replace -x faith -f "unequivocal" A2input.txt And it'd be nice if I could just a