why PHP results in HTML are not defined when using JavaScript

I need to get the IP of the client. I am able to get it through PHP variable "$_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']". I get this ip from server side php to html page through AJAX request but when I want to use this IP value in JavaScript it is showing that th

Value $ _POST not be set to $ .ajax post

I'm new to PHP and javascript and I've run into a problem where I need to edit values in an xml document that is read in. I have an HTML Select that has been dynamically created by PHP code. function outputTableRow() { echo "<tr>"; echo &q

Error 405: unauthorized method flask, ajax

Just trying to submit the form data to the MySQL DB using Ajax & Python- Flask, but the same error "method not allowed" appearing again and again.. kindly look at the codes and help me out... <div class="modal-content"> <d

ValidateAntiForgeryToken in Ajax Query with AspNet Core MVC

I have been trying to recreate an Ajax version of the ValidateAntiForgeryToken - there are many blog posts on how to do this for previous versions of MVC, but with the latest MVC 6, none of the code is relevant. The core principle that I am going aft

ajax json error analysis

json : {"status" : 0, "err_msg": "", "list":[{"id":100, "username":"la", num:"0100000"}]} <script> $.ajax({ type : "POST", url : "myAPI", data: "

I have a problem with the session variable in the remote server

I am a starter in PHP language. I was trying to develop a small application. For that (lets say, page 1) I was posting some data to a PHP file from the page 1 through an Ajax call.Then I want to access the same value from that PHP file in another HTM

Google jQuery user interface links do not work offline

im new to jquery, i have searched for the reason my jquery is not working after adding the <script src="https://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.1.3/jquery.min.js"></script> I have searched this forum and the web but can,t seem

AJAX call returns status 200 but no content

I have a simple AJAX call that retrieves text from a file, pushes it into a table, and displays it. The call works without issue when testing on a Mac running Apache 2.2.26/PHP 5.3 and on an Ubuntu box running Apache 5.3. It does not work

jQuery.find () does not work in the html variable

I have a very simple problem and keep finding answers to similar questions with more complexity. I am trying to replace image links in loaded html and decided that the best is to read the html into a string variable loadedHTML using .get(), like this

Use JQuery Ajax to load the static html page into a div tag

I got this working but I need a default page showing before you choose one, how do I do this? Also is it possible to hide the page files? So it will not show when you View Source. <script src="http://code.jquery.com/jquery-1.4.min.js" type=&q

Convert JSON to INTeger for MongoDB?

With .post of FORM data to express/node.js All of the values are currently stored and returned as STRings Am looking to have one of the data values (req.body.quantity) stored as an INT //POST app.post('/add', function (req, res) { db.collection('demo

Google Maps V3: Update Markers

I have some issues with Google maps api v3. I managed to create a map where new markers are displayed when the user drag the map. However, it do not delete the past markers. I have read many tutorials and thread (especially this one: Google Maps V3:

CakePHP configuration of the dependent AJAX drop-down list

I have done a lot of research, tried to apply a few different examples but it seems that nothing really works. So I have the following 3 models: Customers, Projects and Events. Customers have many Projects and Projects have many Events. While creatin

Make 2 ajax request for a bash treatment

I'm making an ajax request which is making bash treatment. Another action in my page uses an ajax request but this one is waiting the end of my first request for making what I'm asking. Do you have any idea for doesn't waiting the end of the first aj

The Ajax call is not given in the codeigniter

<script type="text/javascript" language='javascript'> $('#view_comment').submit(function() { alert("msg"); var sec={'post_id_for_view_comment' : $("#post_id_for_view_comment").val()} $.ajax({ url: "<?php echo ba

How to use Httpresponse in view in django using Ajax

I am using this def ajax_create( request ): if request.is_ajax(): form = SourceForm() template = 'ajax_form.html' data = { 'form': form, } return render_to_response( template, data, context_instance = RequestContext( request ) ) I get this error ajax

Cufon loaded asynchronously does not render in IE

I'm creating a site which uses Cufon and is particularly heavy in terms of page-weight due to a large amount of Javascript. Therefore I'm trying to load in the script asynchronously with head.js ( http://headjs.com/ ) like so: head.js("http://ajax.mi

How to structure a PHP service that responds to Ajax requests

I'm struggling to design the server-side script that responds to requests from an Ajax application. In its current state, the app is divided into discrete pages (e.g., Orders, Items, Finances, etc.). Only when you switch between these pages does the

Web-based push notifications for an internal application only

I'm already tossing around a solution but as I haven't done something like this before I wanted to check what SO thought before implementation. Basically I need to modify an existing web based application that has approximately 20 users to add push n

JQuery sequence

$(".item").each(function(){ var item_link = $(this).find("a").attr("href"); $(this).prepend('<div class="img_url"></div>'); var img_url = $('div.img_url', this); $.get(item_link, function(data) { var src

How to update TextBox in MVC Ajax

How do i update textbox using MVC Ajax UpdateTargetId option.? I am new to MVC Ajax applications. Please any one help me out. Thanks, Pon Kumar Pandian .TYou can simply wrap all you want to update in some div with id same that you're putting in Updat