LinkedList add a new node based on the priority number

my java data structure assignment requirements are to create a food management to assign the food to the victim of the natural disaster and it also requires to handle 3 types of victim which are child, oldFolks and adult. What I wanted to achieve is

Liferay 7 - Obtaining Comments on ADT Property

I'm trying to get the comments of an entry in an ADT. I tried this: <#assign MBMessageLocalServiceUtil = serviceLocator.findService("com.liferay.message.boards.kernel.service.MBMessageLocalServiceUtil")> <@getCommentCount resourcePrimKe

Use the new sdk firebase in the android eclipse project

new firebase with awesome features was just announced, but according to documentation ( android studio (as well as gradle) is required now. For now in my cocos2d-x apps I have to use ADT/Ec

Eclipse is closed automatically in Ubuntu 14.04

I tried to solve this issue by add following line at the end of your eclipse.ini file .(eclipse.ini file is located in eclipse folder of eclipse package.) -Dorg.eclipse.swt.browser.DefaultType=mozilla But Still my Eclipse crashing every 10 to 15 mins

Set a timer to measure the runtime of an application

I'm interested in adding a "Play Time" line into my apps "Statistics" page. However I need a good method to measure the time my app has been opened. What is the best and most efficient way of setting this up? My app consists of multipl

Eclipse, Android development tools do not start

I've reinstall Eclipse with adt plugins, but when I start it doesn't launch the developers tools. The first windows that appaers is the eclipse juno and when the loading is finish I have not all the tools for android. How can I reinstall correctly al

Can not update a SQLite table with Eclipse

this are the tables. @Override public void onCreate(SQLiteDatabase arg0) { // TODO Auto-generated method stub String SQL_Proveedores = "CREATE TABLE proveedores ("+_ID+" INTEGER PRIMARY KEY AUTOINCREMENT NOT NULL,nombre TEXT,contacto TEXT)&

Eclipse ADT Bundle Does Not Create src Files and Layout Files

This question already has an answer here: SRC folder in Eclipse is empty (MainActivity class not created) after creating a new android project using Eclipse 4 answers Every time I create a new project, nothing in the src folder shows up. The layout f

ADT does not work, instead launching Eclipse Juno

I updated my ADT and SDK, installed a new JDK and now it open Eclipse Juno and not the Android Developpment Tool. I installed these things: jdk-8u5-windows-x64.exe What can I do? I also went to Eclipse - install

For the loop counter in the dot operator

I'm working in the Android ADT plugin for Eclipse. What I try to do is this: I have some drawables named from 0 to 150 and i want to get them into an array to use them. As far as I know, to be usable, they have to be assigned with "R.drawable.Filenam

Class Not Found Exception Android

I am trying to learn android programming and I am creating an app that starts with a splash screen and loads a menu class after that. the problem is I get this exception 06-04 10:59:37.166: E/AndroidRuntime(926): Caused by: java.lang.ClassNotFoundExc

Android Asynctask will not end

I'm writing a really simple game for school, but the use of asynctask is required. I'm using ADT (Eclipse). Here is the relevant code: public void oklog(View view) throws ParserConfigurationException, TransformerConfigurationException, TransformerExc

Error on the Button keyword in Android

Maybe it sounds silly, but I am getting an error on Button keyword (where it should not be). I am a newbie, and looked almost everywhere. And everyone says that Button b = findViewById(; is correct. My code: package com.example.myfirstap

Android ADT 21.0 warning: implicitly using the default locale

I've updated ADT to v. 21 and new warning appeared in this code: if (e.getMessage().toLowerCase().contains("blabla")) Implicitly using the default locale is a common source of bugs: Use toLowerCase(Locale) instead So I try: if (e.getMessage().to

Eclipse does not recognize strings and classes

I've had a project built by eclipse saved, then my computer sort of died. When I fixed it and reformatted I redownloaded eclipse and such. Actually, when I press on "eclipse.exe" it shows me the eclipse juno icon but the window's name is Java- A

Eclipse debugging sticks with dated application

Whenever I debug application on hardware device, It runs with an old copy. I tried : Restarting Eclipse Fixing Project with Android Tools Checking manifest file Unplugging the cable Only thing that helps is cleaning the project. Did I missed somethin

NoClassDefFoundError When Adding SocialAuth to Eclipse

I tried to add an external library to my Android project but with no luck. My application crashed with an Exception at runtime: 09-06 07:44:41.921: E/AndroidRuntime(601): java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError:

How can I view the Android call stack using Eclipse?

Is there anyway I could visualize the call stack of an Android app? All I can find in Eclipse are the running threads: What I want, is to see how my subroutines are called in order to debug an issue related to the activities back stack. Thanks!Add br

Installing the ADT plugin for Eclipse

I am trying to install the ADT plugin for Eclipse. However, after I have went to "Install New Software..." and entered the plugin location, "Pending..." is displayed. It does not change to &qu

ADT Android Plugin Error

I installed the Android SDK. When I try to import the ADT plugin I get this error: "Cannot complete the install because one or more required items could not be found. Software being installed: Android Development Tools 10.0.0.v201102162101-104271 (co

Difference between vector and ADT linked list

can someone explain to me the difference between Vector and Linked List ADT in a c programming language context. Thanks.Well, in C, there are no "vector" and "list" data types available to you directly like in C++ std library. But in t

About the location of Android development tools (ADT)

Anybody can tell to me about location of ADT after installation. I want to know, this tool will be saved in "android-sdk-windows" folder of Eclipse or another folder.There's no a specific folder where you must put android-sdk-windows. The only t