Google AdSense posts blank ads on WordPress

I have a wordpress site As adsense plugin for wordpress is deprecated. I created my adsense account. Verified the site. Created a new ad unit and pasted its code in body tag. Here is my ad unit code <script async src="//pagea

Use google adsense with React + React Router

I'm trying to integrate Google Adsense into my React site and am running into an issue. To get ads on my pages, I've included this script tag into the head of my html file: <script async src="//

Import from github to android studio

Hey I am trying to build an android application regarding google adsense. I want to import the android sample. Since I am only interested in android I want to import only this. https://github

Transfer apps from one Admob account to another

Just transferred my android apps to another Google Play Developer account so to get my payouts in Pakistan instead of U.S. I also have Admob account where the payouts only send to U.S. Now I want to receive my payouts in Pakistan therefore I want to

Adsense does not work with the Polymer design

I'm in the middle of a project building a website for a family takeaway, I've managed to get the core design right for what I want. I now have a problem displaying adsense within my website. I receive a message in console Uncaught Error: adsbygoogle.

Place the ads before the last paragraph in wordpress

Here is the code for place ads after 1st, 2nd, 3d paragraph. but i want to place ad just before last paragraph of my wordpress post. is there any way to do this ? <?php add_filter( 'the_content', 'prefix_insert_post_ads' ); function prefix_insert_pos

Google ads stopped my display game

I made a Flappy Bird remake and I just got done with it not too long ago, everything worked as expected, but when I try to add Google's ads, the ads display, but the game doesn't execute and run, it's just a black screen. I'm using LibGDX for my game

Set the maximum height of the AdSense responsive ad unit

I had 2 x (300x250) Adsense ad units in the right side bar of my site I have made the site responsive and replaced these ad units with Adsense responsive ad units. The problem i now have is that Adsense is now serving 2 x (300x600) ad units. Adsense

ld: library not found for -lGoogleAdMobAds

Trying to add Google's MobAds to my app. I've followed every step but at the end I have a single fatal error. Here is a picture. Any suggestions on how to fix it? Thank you.Go to Project Navigator and find libGoogleAdMobAds.a. Just select it and on r

SSL Launch Error 185090050 When Authenticating via Oauth

I am trying use Google's Oauth to connect to Google adsense and am getting this error. Any clues to fix it? Anyone has faced such a issue before in python? Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 56, in <modul

how to deal with the Adsense API - Android

I want to make an App to read my earning on Adsense. I made an app on Google and I generated a URL to login into the App.

How can I add AdSense to my Chrome extension?

I already programmed small chrome extension that when you click on it's icon it sends you to a specific URL. Now I need to add an Adsense Advertisement included in my extension code, so that the ads appear at at the right , Please look at

Custom Control Google Maps API V3 with Google Adsense?

I'm pretty new to javascript so please be gentle ;) I'm using Google Maps API V3 and creating a custom control as per this example. It's pretty straight forward as it's the example from Google. What I'm having trouble with though is replacing the .in

Can not find AdSense Analytics code

It seems that after Analytics got their latest face-lift the AdSense / Analytics connection got a bit left behind. According to the documentation I need to add the AdSense Analytics code to my page. I already have the regular Analytics code and it's

Manage Adsense banners in a responsive layout

How would one go about handling Adsense banners in a responsive layout? As far as I can read from the Adsense TOS, I'm pretty much not allowed to do anything client-side with the banners, so I can't, client-side, switch a banner to a smaller one if i

JavaScript: Change the Div background after time

I have an advertisement section on my website. For most users, this loads just fine and works as intended. However, if the user has an ad-blocker of sorts, the advertisement doesn't show up and an empty area of the site is displayed. My solution? I w

How to Minify Google AdSense JS?

Whenever I minify the AdSense script I got from Google, it stops working. Any ideas why? Original Code: <script type="text/javascript"><!-- google_ad_client = "xxx"; /* Ad 1 */ google_ad_slot = "2668798369"; google_a

php jquery dynamic google ads

how can i fetch google adsense ads with jquery ajax and display them...You don't. Google has a strict policy as how to display adds. You should use their javascript snippet and their's alone. Everything else will be against the TOS and you'll probabl

Google Adsense Javascript Errors

On several of my adsense running sites, I have been getting the following errors: Unable to post message to [http://] Recipient has origin Unsafe JavaScript attempt to access frame with URL [http:/

How to change the Google AdSense font style

Is there is any way to change the google adsense font style and color using css?It's an option when you set up the ad. Otherwise it is against the Terms of Service. If you really want to know, scroll down past all the people saying it is against the

Adsense in an application based on ajax?

How do I add adsense or other ads in a ajax/ajax based application ? (ex. ra-ajax samples page) or GWT Is creating an iframe a viable solution? As stated below, placing adsense script is easy. But the google bot wont be able to scan my ajax b

Google AdSense JavaScript resulting in multiple page loads?

Update Ok - I now know where the multiple page loads are coming from! (However, the mystery is not yet solved). It seems that immediately after a request is made to a page containing AdSense ads, Google makes a request for exactly the same URL (one o