Admob: A banner for an activity or banner for everyone?

I'm a beginner with Admob, I only have one banner in a simple android app that only have one activity. I'm doing a new app that will have a lot of activities and my question is: I have to put only one banner for the whole app or a different banner pe

RecyclerView Item Number of clicks

I am developing an android application using RecyclerView. I want to show admob interstitial ads for every 6 or 7 time user opens an Item. I want to count how many times user click on the item and if that count equals to 6 then i want to show the int

How to configure an interstitial ad in the app?

I found a solution Please help solve the problem of the beginner. I need to pre-load the advertising and at the click of a button "Next" play ads(during the transition between the activities). In my example, it is not working properly. Please co

Google Admob and WIndows 10 Universal Apps

Is there a way to use Google AdMob in Windows 10 Universal Apps? According to my reasearch no, but maybe someone here knows something I don't. I've tried using this tutorial but it seems that in only

Admob SDK - iOS - File not found

I have installed Google Analytics and Google AdMob SDK in my iOS project using Cocoapods. I have implemented both the functionalities in my app and everything looked okay for a week. Then suddenly, when I compiled the app, I received this error messa

Google AdMob 7 integration with cocoapods

I have spent hours on this and still no luck. I have a library (which is a pod) and it's using Google AdMob 7 as a dependency, let's say that it's named MyLib Now when I want to add pod 'MyLib' to project A, it'll install it alongside its dependencie

How to display an interstitial ad when closing an app?

I have this code, and works perfectly, but the ad is showed when i start the app, and i want to show the ad when I press back(to exit app) and press yes. So when finish(); happened, I want to show my interstitial ad. package; import android.

Admob interstitial ad not clickable

I created a Android Game and the issue i am using both Banner ad and a Interstitial ad 1) Banner ad shows while playing the game and 2) Interstitial Ad shows when player ends up winning a level but the problem i am facing is admob interstitial ad is

Admob ad in Listview

Can someone point me in the right direction, I am trying to use Ad mob ad in the list view. I want them to come up as every 10th item. I tried some examples but they are not working with new Google play services version of Ad Mob. Thanks in Advance.C

not enough space to show ad wants 480 75

I tried a lot of things to do, but nothing helps. My problem is that my admob ad is not displaying and LogCat is writing this: 03-19 12:30:56.140: E/Ads(790): Not enough space to show ad! Wants: <480, 75>, Has: <432, 690> 03-19 12:30:56.140: E

How to configure Admob Android AIR with the Pozirk method

Hey everyone so It's been about 2 days now and still have no luck trying to setup admob with my application I don't understand what im doing wrong. Or really how to do it. Here is the link to the website with the instruction that i followed to the T!

Is Java code required for AdMob ads?

Is Java code required for AdMob ads? On developers website they use java code, but I tried to load ads just with xml code and it works, just I'm not sure will clicks count. I also noticed that when I was using java code too, that 2 ads were displayed

How to initialize Admob and set the subview

I'm fairly new to xcode, but i'm having some trouble adding admob to my app. I followed the instructions for Admob but the ads are not showing up. Im thinking i need to add the new view i created AdViewController to appsdelegate. Is there a code i sh

admob 6.2.1 nullpointerexception

i have a big problem, i want to integrate admob in my android app but i get a nullpointer exception in the graphical layout when i try to integrate admob in the xml file java.lang.NullPointerException at

Does Admob request location data?

Does Admob ask for location data via the GPS? If my app doesn't need GPS but has Admob integrated, would the user need to authorise it for GPS access? Is GPS just optional?The AdMob SDK does not use GPS directly. If your application already gets loca

Why admit ads in ALL apps that do not display?

Good time of a day. I have a problem. I need to test admob functionality in my app, but my phone can't displaying any admob ads. Here the log from Logcat when ads tries to load: 12-11 14:32:07.375: I/Ads(21029): Received ad url: <"url": "

The code sample for admob on iPhone does not display an ad

My goal is to create an AdMob banner in my iPhone app. As a starting point, all I want to do is sucessfully run the example code provided by Google. I registered for an adMob account and got a publisher id. I download the sample code provided by Goog

Add Admob to the Android app: AdView

I am a hair away (i think) from finally getting ads into my app. but am getting crashes at 1 line. See code: public class ... extends ListActivity { /** Called when the activity is first created. */ public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { s

AdMob's TestMode in the emulator, not on the phone

I qadrouple checked phone Id. Still does not work. What, besides of phone Id, is the difference betwween running on the Emulator and on the phone?And, as the documentation specifies: Then run your app in the Emulator and click on the displayed test a