Stop AutoScroll ViewPager on Activity Break

I have an activity where I have a recyclerView. In that recyclerView, I am loading a list of cards. Each card is a viewPager with different images. I am autoScrolling the images also. Now, I want to stop the autoScroll onPause of that activity. priva

Add an item to RecyclerView from the AlertDialog entry

I'm currently having trouble with adding a second+ items to a RecyclerView after inputting data in an alertdialog box. I can enter 1 set of data but when I try to add more, it doesn't do anything. This is my Java file for the fragment i'm working wit

Search View for a list view - get server data in json format

Hi developers :) I'm a student, and i'm beginning to implement a search view in Android. I have problem to implement search view. I have finished to code, and have been success to view data from server, but I get an error (unfortunately stopped) when

Custom Adapter checkbox not checked during a search

I am facing this issue, that is when I checked on an item and I search the name after that, the checkbox becomes unchecked. I checked on Heather It's unchecked after I search How can I ensure that the items are still checked after I search? CustomAda

Using two types of layouts with the same recyclerview

I have a problem. I filled the fields of my cardviews with data from a JSON file and displays them in a recyclerview. Now , what i want is to use two differents type of cardview to display data. Example of JSON { { "id":"3", "titl

Display a specific element of a hashmap in a list

Is there a way to show only a specific element from ArrayList using an ArrayAdapter final ListView lst = (ListView) findViewById(; ArrayList<HashMap<String,String>> list = new ArrayList<HashMap<String,String>>(); for(

listview listener and adapter to handle the word suggestion

public class DictionaryListActivity extends Activity { TextView userTextView; EditText searchEditText; Button searchButton; ListView dictionaryListView; String logTagString="DICTIONARY"; ArrayList<WordDefinition> allWordDefinitions=new Arr

Loading the order of viewpager in android

Imagine there is a viewpager with 4 page, the 1st and 2nd page are storing the edittext, and the third one need to display the inputed data from 1st and 2nd page. The problem is , viewpager pre-load the pervious page and next page , if I create the c

How to fill a list with an edit text?

i have to activities: activity 1 with twoo edit text and activity 2 with a list view. Everytime i fill the forms in activity1 and press the button "send" i want that all i have wrote in the two edit texts go in one row of the list view of activi

Android ViewPager in Fragment does not update

I have a Fragment for a ViewPager. The ViewPager is updated based on an action fired by the user. Well when the Fragment is recreated so to speak, the page of a ViewPager is not updated as should be, or even shown for that matter! When I swipe over t

Get the image of a url & hellip; the view remains empty

In the way to create a Listview with some images I decided to do an AsyncTask for getting my image. So my code is like this: private class StableArrayAdapter extends ArrayAdapter<Request>{ private Context context; private Bitmap tempobmp; final User

Android - Removing an item from GridView / Adapter

I have an GridView filled by an Adapter GridView gridview = (GridView) findViewById(; gridview.setAdapter(new ImageAdapter(this)); The dataset of the Adapter is basicly a shuffled List static List<Integer> mTlist = Arrays.asList( R.dra

How to configure the WSO2 ESB SAP adapter

I have already checked the information related to WSO2 ESB SAP Adapter from this link: Is this the only information i can found about it? I didn't find a

Android ListView only shows items after scrolling

I am building an Android app, and as part of it I am displaying a list on songs with checkboxes to allow for selection. I am using a custom list adapter to do this. The code seems to load and works with the checkboxes, but the only problem I am havin

Can not operate Custom ListAdapter

I have followed various "how to" examples to the letter (or so I thought), but I still can't get my custom ListAdapter to work. I have a dialog with a list view containing strings which are references to an array of objects (of class "Notam

Retrieves the value of the element in arrayadapter

I want to get the value of the selected item in the spinner. I am using array adapter. <string-array name="my_list"> <item value="">---Select the value from the List---</item> <item value="value1">data

ListActivity OnListItemClick Does Not Work

In my application with a ListActivity the overwritten onListItemClick callback is not fired by clicking on a ListView item. I have defined a custom listview with the followin xml Files, permissionview.xml <?xml version="1.0" encoding="ut

Separate ListView with headers

I'm trying to create a dynamic list that fills itself using a json feed. I want to add a header for each section, in the case a league name currently the json feed feeds through one league name, but I need to make the list dynamic in case another is

reverse_iterator adapter

I'm trying to implement a reverse-iterator adaptor for my iterator and const_iterator classes with a little bit of trouble. If anyone could guide me through this, that would be greatly appreciated! The idea is that I should be able to create a revers

(Android) Listview onItemClicked no trigger

I am working on a groceries list app to learn android, but I cannot seem to figure out how to get the items in the ListView to trigger the onClick event in the ItemClickListener that I set on the listview. The method renderList() is called from the o

AutoCompleteTextView, ArrayAdapter, and notifyDataSetChanged ()

I'm using an AutoCompleteTextView with an ArrayAdapter which works like supposed. The problem is, that I have to change the Array with the Autocomplete-Values. Calling notifyDataSetChanged() doesn't help. No changes are shown. Do you know something t

ListActivity with slider

Does anyone know of a simple example that uses the CursorAdapter? Here's what I'm doing now and it's crashing with a RuntimeException. I'm sure it something simple I'm missing given that I'm a newbie and can't find any simple examples of a ListView t