Parallel consume messages from a queue

I have one queue with N messages. Now I would like to create a console application (consumer), that create a given number of tasks/threads and each thread would take 1 message from queue, process it and take a new message... until queue is empty. Up

Spring Boot ActiveMQ - Port already in use: 1099

I am new in ActiveMQ and I need to create spring boot aplication where are publis activeMQ queues. Therefore I created the simple SpringBoot application @SpringBootApplication @EnableJms public class Application { @Bean JmsListenerContainerFactory<?>

What would a message browser be available for ActiveMQ?

Is there a message / queue browser for activeMQ available? I tried Hermes JMS, but it is not working for activeMQ 5.10, anymore. We need a browser where we can export a message into XML. Any suggestions? Thanks and regards.Hermes is able to connect t

How to create multiple listeners in ActiveMQ using Spring JMS

I have a use case where I want to create multiple listeners(6) in an application. I want to subscribe to multiple destinations(6 topics). All the subscription are durable. I am using separate default message listener container(DMLC) for each listener

Launch AsyncTask inside bucle

I want to send data to Active my server constinuosly so I create two AsyncTask, one to connect to service (works fine) and other to send data. The problems is that second one produces this error: 04-09 12:29:00.039: E/AndroidRuntime(8397): FATAL EXCE

Starting the ActiveMQ Broker Causes an Error

I am trying to start the activemq broker on a Windows machine by following the instructions at After downloading the Windows binaries, I changed to the installation direc

Sending messages over an unreliable network in JAVA

I need to send a continuous flow of messages (simple TextMessages with a timestamp and x/y coordinates) over a wireless network from a moving computer. There will be a lot of these short messages (like 200 per sec) and unfortunately the network conne

Osgi bundle ActiveMQ-Client?

i was searching for a ready to use osgi bundle of activemq-client (5.9.0>=). It seems like the jar manifest does not contain any OSGi markup by default. I also came across the activemq-osgi bundle - which contains way too much stuff i will not need a

Erasing embedded activemq data during tests

I'm actively using ActiveMQ in my project. Although production use standalone ActiveMQ instance my tests require embedded ActiveMQ instance. After execution of particular test method ActiveMQ holds unprocessed messages in queues. I'd like to wipe out

Unable to find the declaration of the item 'beans'

I have the spring jars of spring-3.2.0.RC1.jar and trying to implement Apache ActiveMQ helloWorld program from tutorial given here. The xml configuration file is: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <beans xmlns:jms="h

Failed to stop stacktrace logging with Camel ActiveMQ JMS

I'm using Camel 2.9.1 with Spring 3.1.1.RELEASE and ActiveMQ 5.5.1. I have a Swing GUI client which is using Camel JMS to make @InOut request-reply calls to a data service which is running in a bundle in a Karaf/Felix OSGi container on our server. Th

MQTT vs MQ design considerations

I don't have a specific query here ; just need some design guidelines. I came across this article on Node.js , MQTT and Websockets. I guess we can achieve similar purpose using Node/Java + ActiveMQ + Websockets. My query is how to select between MQ a

Booking a port number in Java

When I run ActiveMQ by executing the batch file in its bin/ directory, I am able to go to its admin/management console by opening a web browser and going to http://localhost:8161/admin/. This has me curious. This is my local sandbox and I do not have

Local and remote queues in pub / sub messages

If I was building a system with dozens of publishers/subscribers using message queues, it seems I have a few network configuration options: I could have one clustered broker that all machines use - each machine would not have a local queue I could in

activemq how to configure to work with stomp in python

I have activemq installed and running locally, but when I run the following script, I get an error: #!/usr/bin/env python import time import sys import stomp class MyListener(object): def on_error(self, headers, message): print 'received an error %s'

Using Camel to transparently record messages in the queue

I have a legacy application running on Glassfish which I have just recently configured to use activemq rather than openMQ. My activemq broker is running in a separate process outside of glassfish. I was thinking it would be nice to configure a camel

What JNDI environment properties do I use for Jetty?

I'm running jetty-6.1.7 and I've got an ActiveMQConnectionFactory that I'd like to reference in my spring configuration via a JNDITemplate. My jetty.xml configuration is vanilla: <New id="connectionFactory" class="

Why should I use ActiveMQ to send emails?

many weeks ago recommended me for send emails, ActiveMQ. So i search information about this, but i don't understand totally how this works. Could someone explain me why i should use ActiveMQ for send emails ?I think there has been a communication bre