Returning arrays from functions in C ++

Good day :) I am working on a code for obtaining pitch, yaw and roll angles from an Accelerometer and a Gyroscope. To create a cleaner looking code that is easy to follow, I resorted to creating two different functions. One for the gyroscope that cal

Windows Phone: How to handle Shake events?

The accelerometer is activated (if I set ReadingChanged it works). Why the shaking event isn't handled? namespace AppExample { public sealed partial class MainPage : Page { private Accelerometer accel; public MainPage() { this.InitializeComponent();

found null when reading accelerometer data

I am having trouble using the accelerometer and I don't understand why I am not able to read the data: I check if the accelerometer is available: if self.motionManager.accelerometerAvailable == true { I start the accelerometer updates: self.motionMan

Detect the movement of the iPhone on a flat surface

I'm a coremotion beginner. I need to detect iPhone movement on a flat surface like table - so far, I made it to detect its sideways movement by accessing the yaw of the gyro, but I can't think of a way to detect the up/down changes. I tried using the

Two devices on Arduino Uno R3 TX Pin

I'm making the project using Arduino Uno R3 Platform. I want to use two devices, acc+gyro (MPU-6050) and Bluetooth (HC-06). The problem is, that both devices need TX Pin (2). Do you have any idea how to use this devices with Arduino Uno R3 at the sam

Sending stored accelerometer values ​​to the server

i want to send the accelerometer values recorded for 5 seconds to server.i tried to concatenate the values and send through http post request but it is not working. since almost 350 values are recorded the data is large and is not possible send throu

Allow landscape options and accelerometer with libgdx

I've completed the SimpleApp tutorial for libgdx. I have changed the controls for the game to use the accelerometer instead of touch input, in the following way: In cfg.useAccelerometer = true; In float acc = Gdx.input

Different accelerometer values ​​on multiple devices

I'm making a game which uses the device's accelerometer to fill a progress bar. On my Note 2 it takes me about 20 seconds shaking the phone up and down to fill the bar, however I tried on a ZTE Blade and it took me 4 seconds. Is there any way to cali

Accelerometer: different values ​​on different devices?

I am needing to implement a shake recognizer, and I am using the accelerometer on the device to that. However, when I check the values I get from the sensor, it appears that they vary wildly from device to device. For instance, I get a value range of

Calculating Distance Using Android Linear Acceleration

Possible Duplicate: Android accelerometer accuracy (Inertial navigation) I am using the following code to calculate the distance. tnew and anew are arraylists containing timestamps and accelerations respectively. double distance=0; double init_vel=0;

Android accelerometer class

I tried to create seperate accelerometer class that holds values of accelerometer and I can acces them from any other class whenever I want, but it doesn't seem to work. Here is my Accelerometer class: import android.hardware.Sensor; import android.h

Using the accelerometer to calculate speeds

I've been doing a bit of research on a problem we are trying to solve. I think this is the best approach but please add in your opinions We are trying to calculate reaction times in a real world driving scenario and would like to use a mobile phone a

object moves in the accelerometer

I want to create one game in cocos2d in which one object is running . I want to move this object from left and right base on device accelerometer. I am getting the value of the accelerometer and update the location of the object. even I can see the n

iPhone 4S Accelerometer Specifications

Can anyone help me to find some full specifications for the accelerometer of the iPhone 4S? I tried to search something over or inside, however, I wasn't successful. I would like some full specifications regarding the measurements of the ac

Obtaining and sending accelerometer data to Mac

I need to send data from an accelerometer (from my iPhone) to the Mac. I need a way to send this data to the Mac. The data should be sent in real time. there should not be any delay as such. What is the best method to send data to the Mac. 1.) Is it

Detect when an iphone has been exceeded

I want to be able to detect if an iphone has been bumped into something...would it be best to listen to the gyroscope / accelerometer and judge how fast its moved or if its moved and stopped suddenly. In fact how would I judge if the device has moved

Get the elevation angle?

From the accelerometer, is it possible to get the angle of elevation? For those of you who don't know, the angle of elevation is: Is this possible with the accelerometer measurements?It is not really possible to get that "elevation angle" to the

Android - How to count time over a long period

In my app I want measure the amount of time that the accelerometer is at rest. For example, if I set a threshold of 0.4 m/s and the accelerometer speed is always below this than it means that the phone is at rest (threshold is to account for jitter i

How to filter the noise accelerometer data

Attached is a plot of accelerometer data with 3 axis. The sudden bumps in the plot are the noise. I would like to get rid of them. So what filter should be used in this case ? If it is possible provide some pseudo code for it and explanation.It looks