ABC PDF version 6.0 Read only form fields

We have a VB.NET program that is using Supergoo's ABCPDF version Our program takes standard XML strings and places values in a corresponding PDF form field on the template PDF. Problem: We have over 3000 PDF files that have all been "tagged&

How to break a table in ABCpdf

I'm using ABCpdf to generate a PDF of an HTML page. What I need is to break a table's last rows which can't fit into a page instead of the table skipping into a completely new page. I've attached a screen shot here.

AbcPdf Opacity AddImageHtml

I am using AbcPdf and I am getting some difficute to use Alpha/Opacity style to be rendered in .AddImageHtml() method. This need to be added as stylesheet because I am creating the pdf from my html. Some images has opacity, but not all, so, I need to

ABCpdf copy header and footer

I'm using ABCpdf 9.1 x64 .Net with Coldfusion to create PDF's based on HTML content. Each PDF document has a different header and footer which are generated as HTML with some Coldfusion code. The header is identical for every page where the footer is

CSS does not apply to creating pdf from ABC pdf

Problem: I am passing HTML and creating pdf through ABC pdf. But the CSS are not applied on the content and pdf created is not as expected. Here is my code can u please suggest what is the problem or how we can apply CSS... public static String Creat

Supergo ABCPdf8 Error: Html Render is empty?

Heloo , I am stuck in this error while generating Pdf from HTML using ABCPdf8 my code is Dim PdfDocument As New WebSupergoo.ABCpdf8.Doc() Dim PdfId As Integer PdfDocument.Page = PdfDocument.AddPage() PdfId = PdfDocument.AddImageHtml(HTML) // Crash ov

Make a pdf from a html page

Hello I have the following code and I am trying to convert a html page into a pdf. I am using abcpdf. My code is below : Doc theDoc = new Doc(); theDoc.Rect.Inset(72, 144); theDoc.Page = theDoc.AddPage(); int theID; **theID = theDoc.AddImageUrl("http

Related file links in pdf files

I'm creating a single pdf file that I'd like to link to other files in the same directory as the pdf. ie. MyFolder | |-main.pdf |-myotherpdf.pdf |-myotherotherpdf.pdf I'd like the main.pdf to have links that would cause the default program on the pdf

Detect the orientation of each page in a PDF file using ABCPDF

Is there a way to detect the orientation of every page in a pdf file? I am creating an application that adds watermarks(text) to pdf files. These files can have pages portrait, landscape or a combination of both. Using the doc.MediaBox property, I us

WebSupergoo.ABCpdf The test application does not work

I recently cleaned up my Windows 7 64-bit PC, and after it ABCpdf8 started giving me an error, when I try to export HTML to PDF. The error is "Failed to initiate IE compatibility mode: Failed to load all required assemblies." at WebSupergoo.ABCp

Transition from ABCpdf07 to ABCpdf8 - images are not displayed

I am trying to make the transition from ABCpdf07 to ABCpdf8. We use this in methods for printing various shipping labels in PDF format. This generally works, with the exeption of files with images in them. Here is the code used for putting in the htm

Azure Web SItes - how to write to a file

I am using abcPDF to dynamically create PDFs. I want to save these PDFs for clients to retrieve any time they want. The easiest way (and the way I do now on my current server) is to simply save the finished PDF to the file system. Seems I am stuck wi

ABCPdf add a javascript document

Is it possible to add document JavaScripts to a generated PDF using ABCPdf?If you mean, Javascript that is being executed after the document has been loaded, then have a look at this documentation page. doc.HtmlOptions.UseScript = true; doc.HtmlOptio

ABCpdf 5 Problems with encoding (special characters)

I am using ABCpdf Version 5 in order to render some html-pages into PDFs. I basically use HttpServerUtility.Execute() - Method in order to retrieve the html for the pdf: System.IO.StringWriter writer = new System.IO.StringWriter(); server.Execute(req

ABCPdf Microsoft XPS Printer

I'm using ABCPdf get a pdf from a some HTML code. While I was developing everything worked great, now I install it in the server it is not working. It throw this exception WebSupergoo.ABCpdf8.Internal.PDFException: ABCpdf cannot detect any printers.

ABCPDF.Net 8.0 does not display PDF

I am getting a blank PDF page when I print to the page. Here is the part of my code Dim theURL, theID Dim i Dim strSubject, strBody Dim strAttach Dim thedoc As New Doc theDoc.HtmlOptions.Engine=EngineType.Gecko 'Set minimum number of items a page of

abcPDF is malforming my image after adding it to a pdf

I'm getting a byte array representing a TIFF file from my server, converting it into an XImage, and then adding it to a new pdf document. The image in question is 1280x800 (it was a screenshot) and is being stretched out and lengthened to fit the hei

Html- & gt; landscape printing pdf using abcPDF

I am trying to get a PDF generated by abcPDF from html output to print the first three pages in portrait and then switch the fourth page to landscape. I have been able to get the html to switch into landscape for the fourth page by applying this clas

Download the html file in pdf format using abcpdf

How can I download an HTML file as a PDF using abcpdf in ASP.Net, C#?The following ASP.NET example in C# shows how you might create a PDF from a web page and stream it to a web browser... <% @Page Language="C#" %> <% @Import Namespace=&

Delete or hide the PDF layer using ABCPdf?

Is is possible to remove or hide a layer from a PDF using ABCPdf or another framework?The following C# example shows how layer 2 of page 1 can be deleted: Doc theDoc = new Doc(); theDoc.Read("source.pdf"); int thePages = theDoc.GetInfoInt(theDoc

Is it possible to change PDF form field names?

Here's the situation. I have a PDF with automatically generated pdf form field names. The problem is that these names are not very user friendly. They look something like : topmostSubform[0].Page1[0].Website_Address[0] I want to be able to change the

Add a background image to & lt; td & gt; in PDF (ABCpdf)

I'm dynamically creating a PDF using ABCpdf (HTML -> PDF) I'm trying to create a Table Of Contents (with leaders), and I think the easiest way to get the leaders is using a repeat-x background-image. Here is my file structure: /Web    GenReport.aspx

Convert HTML to PDF

In reference to an earlier post (PDF Report generation) I have decided to use a solution similar to For those of you who don't want to read either reference - I'm creating a report and need it as a PDF. I've de

C #: array of bytes in the CData xml

I have a WCF service that is returning a block of xml. One element is a CData[] section. My application reads an HTML file out of the database and converts it to a PDF byte[] array using ABCPDF. Then in my XmlWriter Im adding the bytes to the CData s

Optimize file size ABCpdf

We've got a web system that generates dynamic pdf files with ABCpdf. While it works... okay, the file sizes are a little large. For example, this morning as a test I generated a 140+ page file with lots of little graphics (actually, the same six litt