You are looking for resources on using good practices for large ASP MVC projects


I am a silverlight and wpf developer, but I need start a new project with ASP.NET having not done much with ASP at all. It is going to be a large project so it needs to be done right in terms of architecture.

I am looking at 2 areas for information and opinions from those experienced with ASP:

1) patterns and guidelines for scalability, manageability, extensibility. This is not so much libraries and tools, but guidance for handling the common problems you face in large-scale projects in an architecturally clean way. Similar to prism guidance for silverlight/wpf.

2) tools and frameworks to check out for a large line of business ASP app

Using MVC and jquery is pretty much a given. I also plan on using entity framework, and MEF as I am familiar with them.

I am open to any words of wisdom from those experienced with large ASP projects. It's a very open-ended question because I am not providing any of my design requirements, but I am looking for mainly buzzwords and patterns/tool that I need to be aware of (not necessarily use). I need high-level information (architecture) and not detail. I can research the detail as needed.

I would say you are best off starting with some practice on the structure of ASP.NET MVC applications. I found The ASP.NET MVC Music Store Tutorial to be a great introduction/tutorial to get your feet wet with MVC. It also gives you a good idea how EF works with ASP.NET MVC.

Then for further learning I'd check out ASP.NET's section on MVC articles and tutorials. This should give you a broad understanding of what you need to know.