Xcode 5 Rect Buttons


I have an app that incorporates many round rect buttons. However, in xcode 5, those dont exist. How do I get the round rect buttons back? They are essential to my app. Now it just is pressable text. What do I do? I am planning on releasing this app later, if that is relevant.

  1. Open the storyboard and choose the button you want to change.
  2. Open the Identity Inspector in the Utility Panel (right panel, 3rd button on top).
  3. Add (+) a new User Defined Runtime Attribute -- Key Path: layer.cornerRadius, Type: Number, Value: {integer}.

The higher the number, the more rounded the corners. 50 is a circle for a standard button (or width/2). You won't see the change in the storyboard, but it will show at runtime.