WPF - Using the same window for different functionality


I am planning to develop a WPF application which manages different tasks. Each task contains set of input controls and output controls.

For this i need to have a reusable area on main window so that, withou distrubing other UI elements on screen, i can update new set of controls on that reusable area.

I am new to WPF, any one suggest how to do that...


I would recommend using a simple Grid or some such Panel-control. To change the content you would simply change it´s child user control or you might also set the DataContext to your view model (a data model describing whats to be displayed in your view) and then use a DataTemplate to display the DataContext as you like:

  <DataTemplate DataType="{x:Type ViewModels:YourcurrentViewModel}">
      <StackPanel><TextBox Text="{Binding YourProperty}" /></StackPanel>

There are a lot of resources out on this, just google DataTemplate or MVVM (Model View View-Model) pattern.