Workflow Questions for a Team Using a Git-svn Workstation


I've bee reading up on git and git-svn. I'm pretty new to git but I've been able to create some basic repos. However, I'm a bit confused on how the workflow would go for git-svn being used by a team. The goal is to convert svn to git for branching and sharing purposes, then commit back to the main svn repo when ready to push to production. Here are my questions:

Should each member of the team create a git repo from the svn repo? Would this approach work when merging back to svn / pulling from each other?


Should one git repo be created from svn, then that repo is pushed 'publicly' for team members to clone? Then would changes be pulled back to the original git repo for rebasing and pushing to svn?


Can we do the same as above except just pull changes from each other's working copy repo?


Am I adding too much complexity to the workflow and should just keep using svn, since it's not an option to just convert entirely to git?

I do something along these lines all the time. Here, we've got an svn repository, but several people would rather use git. We just had one person create the git respository, and then we all shared that amongst ourselves (rather than everyone creating his own git-svn copy - the original import took over 30 hours). Now anybody who wants to can just work in git and git svn dcommit to push their changes back to the "real" svn repository.