WinForms and SQL Server, adding stored procedures to the database.mdf?


I have a winforms project along with a SQL Server project in Visual Studio 2013. I would like to create stored procedures to use on the SQL project.

When I go to the database and right click on stored procedure -> add procedure, and after writing the procedure, I'm prompted to save the SQL file. So I picked the main directory of the project, but when I go to run the project, it is not recognizing the stored procedure.

My conclusion was that the SQL file is not getting inserted into the database, since even after I run the program, the stored procedures folder under the database has nothing.

I'm not sure how to actually insert the stored procedures into the "database.mdf" project. This project is shared on GitHub also, so I would like for the other people to be able to access the stored procedures.

When your file is open, go in the SQL menu, and click execute :=)