Windows 2008 server and classic ASP catalog requests


I am the webmaster at our company and we are in the process of picking a new web hosting company. The old company sold us a hosting package years ago and has since left us on the hardware we were given back then: Pentium 3 box, 1GB RAM, Windows 2000 server. They told us that we would have to pick a new hosting package and pay more money to get newer hardware. I only found out about this because Microsoft's site server which we use to replicate our site from dev to prod now givs us trouble because it uses an unsigned java app, which is soon to be no longer supported. all this and the company pays over $300 a month. Ouch.

The problem I am having is this: On the windows 2000 server machine there is an indexing service that is leveraged to generate a catalog of the site that is used as part of a site search feature. I've contacted several web hosting companies and when I ask about the indexing service am told that they can't provide me the same catalog. Some hosts tell me I can get the service if I purchase a vps account as opposed to the cheaper sharred service.

What I'd like to know is if there is a different way to go about developing a search feature for my site. Is there a way to create a search feature that does not us e the indexing service?

If your website content comes from a database then it would be possible to develop your own search facility in ASP and SQL.

If your content is static pages then there are external website services available to index and search these too, similar to what you are using now but external services. A Google search for "search your website" will bring up many products similar in functionality to what you are using now.

Another similar option is you could create a Google Custom Search (paid and free options available) which will index your site and it is easy to add a form to your pages to add this search function.