Why does the website not load after transfer to a different hosting provider and go from https to http?


This might be a trivial problem, since I am quite new to programming. I have searched the web and stackoverflow for a solution, but I didn't succeed. If this question indeed has been raised and answered before, I am very sorry for creating a duplicate.

The Problem: I have recently transferred the domain liaillustr.at from one hosting company to another. Everything else remained untouched. However, the site wouldn't load in Firefox, instead presenting me with an error ("the connection has timed out"). I then cleared the cache. Nothing changed - I still couldn't reach the site. Only after clearing the history, the website loaded.

Additional information: I am experiencing the same problem in Opera and Chrome. However, I do not have any problems reaching the site using IE or Edge. Since I do not use IE and Edge any differently to Chrome and Opera, I expect this to be resulting from browser specific differences.

My Question(s): What is the reason for my problem? How can I make sure, this website is displayed properly to people who have already been to it before the transfer?

Please forgive me if I am being unclear - I tried my best, but this is not my native language.

(I edited the title, since it missed important information)

Your domain is listed in Chromium HSTS preloaded list which means that Chrome will always try to open it using https:// which is apparently not configured properly on your web server and therefore Chrome will fail.