Why does the loop for work does not work? When I enter values


Here is code.I don't know what problem is.When i enter the values,the for loop is not working. I am working on a problem ask me to: find the two largest values among several integers.Assume that the first integer read specifies the number of values remaining to be entered.Thanks guys!

#include <iostream>
using namespace std;
int main()
int i, largest, secondLargest, temp;
cout << "Enter the number of integers to be processed followed by the integers:";
cin >> i;
cin >> largest;
cin >> secondLargest;

if (secondLargest > largest)
    temp = secondLargest;
    secondLargest = largest;
    largest = temp;
for (int b; i > 1; i--)
    cin >> b;
    if (b > largest)
        secondLargest = largest;
        largest = b;
cout << "Largest is " << largest << endl << "Second largest is " << secondLargest << endl;


The program and the loop works. At least nearly.

The only problem is, that the loop body gets executed (i-1) times instead of (i-2) times.

To fix this, you can change i > 1 to i > 2.


Oh, and you additionally have to check, if b is between largest and second_largest. In that case you have the replace second_largest with b.