Why does not the chart display a new branch derived from the main branch when I create a new branch in the terminal?


Why doesn't the graph in Sourcetree display a new branch branching off from the master branch , when I create a new branch called "testing123" in terminal ?

Sourcetree recognises the new branch but it doesn't branch off from the master branch in the graph. Why is this happening ? How can I make Sourcetree graph display the new branch branching off from master?

It does: it has one new commit done from master.

That means you have checked out the new branch testing123, done one commit and pushed it (hence origin/testing123).

You don't see any "branching" because there is no new commit on master since testing123 has been created: the history of testing123 remains "linear" with the one of master.

Once a new commit will have been created on master, you will see a fork.

See also this thread on SourceTree:

2 possible reasons for this:

  1. You have 'Current Branch' selected at the top of the log view, or
  2. The branches didn't actually cause a divergence in the graph.
    A branch is just a marker, unless different commits actually occurred in each that were not shared between then, there won't be a fork in the graph.