Why CoCreation of a COM + component fails with 0x8007007e & ldquo; The specified module could not be found & rdquo;


I have a COM dll that is working fine as an in-proc server and I install it in Component Services COM+ Applications. Now when I try to CoCreate it from my client app, I get HRESULT 0x8007007e "The specified module could not be found". What could be causing this?

Module not found means that the COM system tried to load a module/dll (probably referred to by a GUID) that wasn't found, either because it wasn't registered, or because the dll was not present at the registered path.

I used to get this error when trying to create an object "A" from e.g. A.dll, which called into another dll (B.dll) that wasn't registered.

A tool you may be interested in is process monitor, which tells you exactly what register keys were looked for by what process, with failure and success codes, and even let you see it's call stack.