Why can not I create a RESTful Web service in the ejb module?


I am using Netbeans 6.8. I can see an option to create a web service in my independent ejb module but i can't seem to find an option to create a RESTful based web service in my ejb module. Is there any kind of restriction in ejb module that i can only create SOAP based web service and not RESTful? or is it the bug of Netbeans 6.8?

Chapter 2.6 of the EJB3 specs:

To support web service interoperability, the EJB speciļ¬cation requires compliant implementations to support XML-based web service invocations using WSDL and SOAP or plain XML over HTTP incon- formance with the requirements of the JAX-WS[32], JAX-RPC[25], Web Services for JavaEE[31], and Web Services Metadata for the Java Platform [30] speciļ¬cations.

In other words: EJB3 can be exposed only as SOAP web service.