Why can not I change the image size of the view in Swift?


So this is the weirdest thing I came across ever.

I add a simple UIView on top of an UIView on an UIViewController. I change the size to 200 x 200 and then I want to change the UIView's size by placing this line of code inside the viewDidLoad method:

self.gameBackgroundView.frame.size.height = 10

which seems perfectly normal in Swift. Though, nothing happens. I can change the color, corner radius etc...


I have also deleted all constraints from that view and it still does not work.

Ok, So I found a solution here on stack ..

Change frame programmatically with auto layout

The correct answer, that works is, that:

  1. I need to create an IBOutlet of my heightConstraint
  2. Change the value of that constraint accordingly

Thank you all!