Which Master Page / CSS should be changed in SharePoint 2010 for a custom design?


I created a copy(In SharePoint Designer) of my v4.master and I call it "NEW.master"..... all from the top level site.

I saved and I set the "NEW.master" as my default MasterPage for the site.

Then I go here http://MySiteName/_Layouts/ChangeSiteMasterPage.aspx and I make sure that it shows "NEW.master" in both drop downs and I set the check box for both to "Reset all sub-sites to inherit this site master page setting".

All fine and it works all good.

But then when I go back into SharePoint Designer I go to "~/_styles/corev4.css" and make some change to it.

All work fine for the home page but the CSS changes does not reflect onto my other Sites and sub-sites!! The MasterPage changes does reflect though.....

Any idea how/where to make my CSS changes to reflect on ALL my sites using my "NEW.master"??

What am I doing wrong???

Are you logged in as Admin ? The CSS might needs to be checked in to reflect changes.