Which is more efficient on memory, the SQLite database or XML string []?


I'm new but learning. I just need to know, which is more memory efficient, string[] in xml or an SQLite db? I can do either, and can do pre-populated on the db. I'm talking about at most 1000 strings, with more possible in updates.

Thanks for your answers.

PS I have learned so much from Stackoverflow. this is the first place I turn to when I hit a snag. Thank you.

I would say string[] is much better. Here is a good answer from SO itself.

"Unless you want to store the data persistently I'd say you should probably just use an Array. Databases are more for persistent storage (i.e. stuff you'll need over multiple runs of your app). That said, if you arrays start getting reeeeeeeeeealy* big, then yea you're going to want to move them onto disk (in which case they won't take up any memory). And probably the simplest way to do that is with a database.

*On the order of magnitude of hundreds of thousands of entrys, maybe even more." Source: @Kurtis Nusbaum https://stackoverflow.com/a/7906472/847954