Where Visual Studio gets the intellisense of data and completion of the namespace


I admit...I am posting this question because I still don't have an answer to my other question and thought I would take a different tact.

Can someone explain to me WHERE the values for intellisense and namespace/class/member completion works. I figured if I can drill into where/how it is deriving that data I can try to reconfigure my project so that it will resolve my namespaces correctly.


The name space and intellisense information, for the CLR, comes from a database hidden inside the VS install.

The information for the working project, is scanned and archived (I think in a file) when you open the project. It then periodically updates it as you work.

If you want the exact path, I doubt that Microsoft publishes that information.

After looking at your other question, I wanted to add that it is possible (somehow) to have Visual Studio rebuild the index information for a given project. It eludes me on how to do this right now. Have you tried this and did you end up with the same results?

Update in regards to comments:

Refreshing the cache is easy but not necessarily obvious. There are two ways to refresh the cache: 1) Go to Edit -> IntelliSense -> Refresh Local Cache and 2) Hit Ctrl+Shift+R

Source: Dan's Blog - Refreshing the IntelliSense Cache