Where does the rake 10.0.4 come from?


When I run rake test on version 10.0.4 I get big unneeded stack traces. According to some searching, upgrading to rake 10.1.0 fixes the issue. I tried installing rake 10.1.0 but my system is still executing 10.0.4 when I rake test. I tried to get rid of it; this is what happens.

$ gem list | grep rake:
    rake (10.1.0, 10.0.4)

$ gem uninstall rake -v=10.0.4
    INFO:  gem "rake" is not installed

$ rake -V
    rake, version 10.0.4

Other vitals: OS X 10.8.4, JRuby 1.7.4, Rails 3.2.13

How can I get 10.0.4 off my system, and why doesn't gem uninstall see it?

Use bundle exec rake, which will use the rake version specified in your gem file as this can change from project to project.