Where can I check the most recent version NUMBER of the constraints layout?


I use constraing layout in my app.

However the layout editor pops me a warning that I use the obsolete library:

Using version 1.0.0-alpha9 of the constraint library, which is obsolete

In my gradle file I have:


Where can I check which one is the newest (up-to-date) version of this lib?

E D I T:

The question is about 'How do I know which version is the newest", not about updating the SDK to the newest (Because I still have to type a number which I do not know.)

Usually Android Studio warns you about new updates by highlighting the line, then if you click on that line and press alt + enter it will popup an option to update.

Or, you can look at this instruction (the item #3), so you can see the latest version in your Android Studio SDK Manager Tools.

Or, you can also stay tuned about ConstraintLayout new updates in this link: http://tools.android.com/recent