Where are all the places where VBA macros for Excel 2007 can be disabled?


Macros refuse to run for me in Excel 2007 on Windows Server 2003. The macro and visual basic icons on the ribbon are grayed out. If I open a workbook with a macro, I get the warning: " This workbook has lost its VBA project, ActiveX controls and any other programmability-related features." If I try to make a new excel template in VSTO (Excel is closed at the time), I get the error: "Programmatic access to the Microsoft Office Visual Basic for Applications project system could not be enabled. . ."

I checked that VBA was installed (originally it wasn't, I added it via office setup). I also tried uninstalling and reinstalling office and VBA, no dice. I made a macro-enabled workbook. I set the workbook's location to trusted. I configured all of the security settings available under Excel Options/Trust Center to allow-everything-no-prompts. I set "Enable all macros" and "Trust access to the VBA object model". I downloaded the group policy admin templates and verified none of this is being set via group policy.

That's everything I can find in Google to try, but clearly there is another place that VBA can be turned off. Where else can I look?

Are you sure there isn't a system policy in place that inhibits VBA?

Edit: Some reading, if you've not already seen these:



http://support.microsoft.com/kb/281954/en-us - Applies to earlier versions, but some/all may still be relevant to 2k7