When the cloning of Git Files changes?


Recently I've started attempting to use git to transfer my projects between my computers but have run into a problem. I am using Android Studio and Bitbucket. Every time I go about cloning the repository the some of the files (gradle.xml , misc.xml, modules.xml for example) change.

Does it matter if these files change in my projects? Also why do they change when cloning the project?

Any help would be appreciated.

Normally GIT doesn't change any files while cloning a repository.

But if you transfer your project code between many computers with different settings and maybe operation systems it would make sense that configuration files of android studio will be different for each computer.

So it would be a solution to do not track these files with GIT.

You can protect files from being tracked by GIT using a .gitignore file.

Ideal Android Studio gitignore file