What type of data storage should I use if I have a data list containing 100 objects and each object has its own data?


My plan is to display a list of items alphabetically in a table view that has about 100 items. Each item has an image, a list of times and a description that the tableview will drill down to. What I am struggling with is the correct way to store and load this data. Some have told me that a plist will be too data heavy and that core data is too new. Should I just create arrays?

You're not clear about what you intend to do with this data. Plists and Core Data are both persistence formats (on disk). Arrays are an in-memory format (and can also be slapped onto disk, I suppose, if that's what you want to do, but inventing your own binary disk format is only something you should consider very rarely, and certainly not in the case you probably have).

In memory, you can probably just use an array (NSArray) and have each element perhaps be an NSDictionary of the other properties relative to that entry. That sounds like the model of your MVC design, which you can then hook up to the table view.

As far as persisting this to disk, it depends on whether 100 items is a fixed amount, a ballpark, or a minimum, etc. Plists (see NSKeyedArchiver) are great for all the data except possibly the raw image data-- you might want to keep those "to the side" as separate image files with filenames in the plist.

I don't know much about Core Data, but it's not that new, and it's not untested, so if it does what you want without much hassle, go for it.