What strategy should I use to stop the extreme data point scaling maps in SSRS


I'm not sure what the term I'm looking for but here is an example.

Consider this chart

What I'm trying to do is stop the end data points Jan & Dec from making the rest of the data points flat/barely indistinguishable from each other.

What I want to do is to tell SSRS not scale the points in the end of the line - or something like that.

Edit: For Clarification:

I don't want to hide data points, I just want the extremes to not cause the the scaling of the other points to be affected. For example, if the average of the other data points is say 100, and the extremes are 5000, then I want the chart to scale to around 100 and the extremes to be scaled down. Of course I'll add data labels to show that they are way out of scale.

You can use Scale Breaks in SSRS Charts.

See Add Scale Breaks to a Chart.

The major caveat is that you don't really have a lot of control if and when they appear:

You cannot specify where to place a scale break on your chart. The chart uses its own calculations based on the values in your dataset to determine whether there is sufficient separation between data ranges to draw a scale break on the value axis (y-axis) at run time.

So there's no guarantee they'll work as you desire even if enabled.

Still, it's worth considering. Set the property at the Chart Axis level:

Does a good job when they do work: