What is the most effective algorithm for reversing a String in Java?


What is the most efficient way to reverse a string in Java? Should I use some sort of xor operator? The easy way would be to put all the chars in a stack and put them back into a string again but I doubt that's a very efficient way to do it.

And please do not tell me to use some built in function in Java. I am interested in learning how to do it not to use an efficient function but not knowing why it's efficient or how it's built up.

You say you want to know the most efficient way and you don't want to know some standard built-in way of doing this. Then I say to you: RTSL (read the source, luke):

Check out the source code for AbstractStringBuilder#reverse, which gets called by StringBuilder#reverse. I bet it does some stuff that you would not have considered for a robust reverse operation.