What is the least lousy way to force Backbone.sync updates to use POST instead of PUT?


Some of my Backbone models should always use POST, instead of POST for create and PUT for update. The server I persist these models to is capable of supporting all other verbs, so using Backbone.emulateHTTP is not a perfect solution either.

Currently I override the isNew method for these models and have it return true, but this is not ideal.

Other than modifying the backbone.js code directly, is there a simple way to achieve this goal on a model-by-model basis? Some of my models can use PUT (they are persisted to a different server that supports all verbs, including PUT), so replacing Backbone.sync with one that converts the 'update' method to 'create' is not ideal either.

add a sync(method, model, [options]) directly to your models you need to override.

YourModel = Backbone.Model.extend({
  sync: function(method, model, options) {
    //perform the ajax call stuff

Here's some more information: http://documentcloud.github.com/backbone/#Sync