What is the difference between consumable and non-renewable subscriptions?


Apple, iOS, IAP.

The official doc says:

Product type - Users can buy - Appears in the receipt - Synced across devices - Restored

Consumable - Multiple times - Once - Not synced - Not restored

Non-renewing - Multiple times - Once - By your app - By your app

Of course consumable can be made same to non-renewing "by my app" if I want to, so what's the exact difference? Why Apple distinguish these two types identical on his side?

Consumable items are individually purchased items. You need to buy one each time you want one. For example, in a game, if you ran out of lives and wanted to keep playing, you can buy an extra life (consumable). Once you use that life, if you need more than you need to buy another one.

Non-renewing is referring to subscriptions. It is the purchase of a subscription to something for a designated time frame, that will not automatically renew/re-charge after it expires. Example would be buying a one month subscription to a weekly magazine app that publishes new content every week. You purchase this one month, non-renewing, subscription and you get access to the app's content for a month. After the month is over, it does not automatically renew itself and will not bill you again.