What is the best way to use a custom domain name with IBM Bluemix?


I was wondering how developers go about using IBM Bluemix with custom domain names, and how you go about registering your DNS information.


Bluemix supports custom domains and SSL certs. You can even use wildcard and SAN certs as well.

To use a custom domain you need to register the domain in the Bluemix UI. Once you login click on your organization name on the left and click on "Manage Organizations".

Find your organization and click domains. Enter in the domain of your choosing.

The next step is creating a DNS record for Bluemix.

Create an A record for whatever host you want, for example . for the root domain of your domain. You can also create an A record for * so all requests all routed to Bluemix.

The A record needs to point to for the US-South Instance.

For the EU-GB region in London you need to create an A record that points to