What is the best way to handle Net :: HTTP exceptions?


What’s the best way to rescue exceptions from Net::HTTP?

Exceptions thrown are described in Ruby’s socket.c, like Errno::ETIMEDOUT, Errno::ECONNRESET, and Errno::ECONNREFUSED. The base class to all of these is SystemCallError, but it feels weird to write code like the following because SystemCallError seems so far removed from making an HTTP call:

  response = Net::HTTP.get_response(uri)
  response.code == "200"
rescue SystemCallError

Is it just me? Is there a better way to handle this beyond fixing Net::HTTP to handle the Errno exceptions that would likely pop up and encapsulate them in a parent HttpRequestException?

I agree it is an absolute pain to handle all the potential exceptions. Look at this to see an example:

Working with Net::HTTP can be a pain. It's got about 40 different ways to do any one task, and about 50 exceptions it can throw.

Just for the love of google, here's what I've got for the "right way" of catching any exception that Net::HTTP can throw at you:

  response = Net::HTTP.post_form(...) # or any Net::HTTP call
rescue Timeout::Error, Errno::EINVAL, Errno::ECONNRESET, EOFError,
       Net::HTTPBadResponse, Net::HTTPHeaderSyntaxError, Net::ProtocolError => e

Why not just rescue Exception => e? That's a bad habit to get into, as it hides any problems in your actual code (like SyntaxErrors, whiny nils, etc). Of course, this would all be much easier if the possible errors had a common ancestor.

The issues I've been seeing in dealing with Net::HTTP have made me wonder if it wouldn't be worth it to write a new HTTP client library. One that was easier to mock out in tests, and didn't have all these ugly little facets.

What I've done, and seen most people do, is move away from Net::HTTP and move to 3rd party HTTP libraries such as:

httparty and faraday