What is the best way to handle dependencies with CounterClockwise / Eclipse?


I have a dependency on clj-record in my CounterClockwise project. What's the best way to manage this? Copy the source code or compile to a JAR and add it as a referenced library?

there seems to be no pattern for specifying dependencies apart from hacking the code into your project or building a jar externally.

Of course you can, just as with any java project. While dependency resolution isn't tied into eclipse (yet), once you retrieve the deps (via one of the command line tools nickik listed), you can specify which jars are to be included in the java build path of your eclipse project:

  1. Retrieve the deps via cake, leiningen, etc.
  2. Refresh the eclipse project so you see the deps (usually in the lib directory)
  3. Highlight the jars you want eclipse to know about
  4. Right-click, select Build Path > Add to Build Path

That's it. You can fiddle with the build path by going to the Java Build Path section of the project's properties window.