What is the best way to export bug tracking data from HP Quality Center hosted?


This question may be too product specifc but I'd like to know if anyone is exporting bug track data from HP Quality Center.

HP Quality Center (QC) has an old school COM API but I'd rather use a web service or maybe even screen scraper to export the data into an excel spreadsheet.

In any case, what's the best way to export bug tracking data from hosted HP Quality Center?

You can use this QC API Code to modify bugs/requirements.

TDAPIOLELib.TDConnection connection = new TDAPIOLELib.TDConnection();
connection.Login("USERNAME", "PASSWORD");
connection.Connect("QCDOMAIN", "QCPROJECT");
TDAPIOLELib.BugFactory bugFactory = connection.BugFactory as TDAPIOLELib.BugFactory;
TDAPIOLELib.List bugList = bugFactory.NewList("");
foreach (TDAPIOLELib.Bug bug in bugList)
  // View / Modify the properties
  // bug.ID, bug.Name, etc.
  // Save them when done
  // bug.Post();