What is the best way to avoid multiple submission in XPages?


What's is the best way to prevent multiple submission when I'm using XPages?

For "classic web" solution is below. How to Block Multiple Submissions of the Same Document from the Web http://www-304.ibm.com/support/docview.wss?uid=swg21089865

Using jQuery, the solution is below. http://www.norio.be/blog/2008/09/using-jquery-prevent-multiple-form-submissions

But I don't know the way in Xapges. How to prevent it in XPages or Dojo?

It is best not to apply such client-side techniques, because combined with an unreliable internet connection the user may find that the submission fails but be unable to retry.

A much more robust solution is to deduplicate on the server side, which can be done in a variety of ways; these are some that come to mind:

  1. Define the semantics of your form contents so that it doesn't matter if you receive two requests (e.g. if it is updating a record, then a second update just changes nothing).
  2. If you have seen the exact same submission before (compare all the relevant fields), ignore it.
  3. Generate a serial number when you send the form to the client. Don't accept submissions that have a serial number you've seen before — or do something useful; for example, if it is a blog posting or comment form, then a second submission should be treated as an edit to the post created by the first submission.