What is a good set of device configurations to test the Android app on an emulator?


Ideally I'd have a heap of physical devices to test on, but in reality I don't have access to devices with all the different characteristics. I'm targeting Android 1.6-current (4.0.3 at the moment), primarily phones, but also want the app to be at least somewhat usable on tablets.

The configurations I've been usually testing with until now:

  • Android 1.6, 320x480 MDPI
  • Android 2.2, 480x800 HDPI
  • Android 4.0, 480x800 HDPI

(landscape and portrait, with and without network connection)

I'm thinking of a set of configurations that wouldn't be excessively large but still would give good coverage of various devices "out there". What Android emulator configurations would you suggest?


Based on the answers I added this configuration to the list:

  • 240x320 LDPI (QVGA skin)

Important to note is that it has 3:4 aspect ratio, different from 3:5 that WVGA has. If layout is tuned to just barely fit in WVGA, scaling down to QVGA can reveal problems. Good idea to check!

Also, added simulated Galaxy Nexus. Just to realize from now on I'll need xhdpi graphics (blurry icons: not acceptable!):

  • 720x1280, no hardware buttons (WXGA720 skin), no SD card

What about 240*320 ldpi ? like xperia mini, motorola, cliq