What is a good game engine that uses Lua?


I know Love2D and Corona SDK (for mobile devices). Is there any other game engines that use Lua you recommend?

Game engines that use Lua

Free unless noted

  • Agen (2D Lua; Windows)
  • Amulet (2D Lua; Window, Linux, Mac, HTML5, iOS)
  • Baja Engine (3D C++/Lua; Windows, Mac)
  • Blitwizard (2D Lua; Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Cafu 3D (3D C++/Lua)
  • Cocos2d-x (2D C++/Lua/JS; Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, BlackBerry)
  • Codea (2D Lua; iOS (Editor is iPad app); $14.99 USD)
  • Corona (2D Lua; Windows, Mac, iOS, Android)
  • Cryengine by Crytek (3D C++/Lua; Windows, Mac)
  • Defold (2D Lua; Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Web)
  • Drystal (2D Lua; Linux, HTML5)
  • EGSL (2D Pascal/Lua; Windows, Linux, Mac, Haiku)
  • gengine (2D Lua; Windows, Linux, HTML5)
  • Glint 3d Engine (3D Lua, Development stopped in November 2011)
  • Grail Adventure Game Engine (2D C++/Lua; Windows, Linux, Mac (SDL))
  • Irrlicht (3D C++/.NET/Lua; Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Juno (2D Lua; Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Lavgine (2.5D C++/Lua, Windows)
  • Leadwerks (3D C++/C#/Delphi/BlitzMax/Lua; Windows; $199.95 USD)
  • LÖVE (2D Lua; Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Luxinia (3D C/Lua; Windows)
  • MOAI (2D C++/Lua; Windows, Linux, Mac, iOS, Android, Google Chrome (Native Client))
  • Polycode (2D&3D C++/Lua; Windows, Linux, Mac)
  • Spring RTS Engine (3D C++/Lua; Linux, Windows, Mac)