What happens when a document is saved in a document library in SharePoint?


We have a document list that contains Excel sheets, the documents that are in the list have to be processed. The processing code is triggered by the EventReceiver.

Until know we used the ItemCheckedIn event, but this isn't triggered when the user just saves a document from within Excel. I have tried to use the ItemUpdated event, but that doesn't seem to work either.

So I'm wondering whether there is an event that is triggered when a user saves the document from within Excel.

There are Before and After events when updating/adding list items. Here is a comprehensive list of all of those events:

Before Events

  • ItemAdding
  • ItemUpdating
  • ItemDeleting

After Events

  • ItemAdded
  • ItemUpdated
  • ItemDeleted
  • ItemAttachmentAdded
  • ItemAttachmentDeleted
  • ItemCheckedIn
  • ItemCheckedOut
  • ItemFileConverted
  • ItemFileMoved
  • ItemUncheckedOut