What are the right resources to develop RESTful web service systems?


So, I'm looking at building a brand new REST WS API for my application. I've done my homework on the technical side and feel fairly confident about setting up paths/to/resources.andTheirRepresentations. However, does any one have any suggestions on good resources for processes to develop what those paths should be? What methods should be out there, what should be its own resource, etc.?

I recognize that ultimately this is up to me as the developer ultimately but I'm looking for a little more solid methodology than "Jot-down whatever I can come up with for a while then eat my own dogfood until its perfect."

I guess this sort of API design methodology wouldn't be exclusive to REST but that just happens to be the context I'm dealign with now. :)

I think that a good starting point would be to consider it from the point of view of consumers of the service. I'd suggest a book on API design. Here's a starting point.