Visual Studio Cordova: When packaging the application for iOS, how to add the provisioning profile to the code signing section of Build Settings for XCode?


When using Visual Studio Cordova, I am following these instructions to publish the app to the Apple App Store:

After successfully creating the Certificate and Provisioning Profile, and then successfully downloading the Provisioning Profile (*.mobileprovision) file to my Mac, the instructions then say to "Double-click that file to install it and then add it to the Code signing section of Build Settings for Xcode."

But when I doubleclick, Xcode is launched but my project is not loaded. Now keep in mind that up until this point, I have only used the Mac as a dummy machine for remote build - I haven't actually used the Mac directly to do any coding in XCode directly. So I have no idea where the project is that I'm assuming was created when I did my remote build via the Windows machine.

So am I supposed to open up the project on the Mac to install the Provisioning Profile? Where would it be stored? What kind of file am I looking for (like what file extension).

I did find an XCode project created by VS Cordova at the following location (Users/.taco_home/remote-builds/taco-remote/builds/XXX/cordovaApp/platforms/ios) but these xocde projects get created each time I make a new build in Visual Studio, so any changes I make to the XCode project from the Mac don't get used upon later builds.

You can find provisioning profile setup information in this new document on the site. This is a fairly new article, so you may not have seen it yet:

Specifically, it walks through how to install the provisioning profile in XCode.