Validate and verify purchase in non-renewable iOS purchase application


Third time apple rejected the binary due to In-App purchase type. Am app using IAP to subscribe the package for 1Month, 1Year and Free. Earlier I used Consumable so, app rejected and suggested to use "Non-Renewable". Am following the tutorial "". I have downloaded the "VerificationController" class files from the tutorial to verify the transaction. But, am getting many errors,

No visible @interface for 'VerificationController' declares the selector 'encodeBase64:length:'
No visible @interface for 'VerificationController' declares the selector 'decodeBase64:length:'
Implicit declaration of function 'checkReceiptSecurity' is invalid in C99
Conflicting types for 'checkReceiptSecurity'
Missing context for method declaration

Missing '@end'

Can anyone please help to resolve this and submit the app today? Thanks in advance.

I just fixed this with tkdkop answer on this thread : XCode 6 verificationController.m issues. Hope this can help and save some time to others.