Using the FFMPEG library with iPhone SDK for video encoding


I need to encode several pictures shot by the iphone camera into a mp4 video file and I know FFMPEG can do this (the application TimeLapser and ReelMoments do it already). I plan to use this in my app iMotion (available in the appstore).

I successfully install and compile the ffmpeg for the iphone SDK with this link :

But now I'm stuck here in my XCode project. What should I do next to use the FFMPEG library for video encoding ? The Apple documentation about external library using is very light and I just can find any tutorial on the web wich explain how to do this.

If anybody can help me, I would be very grateful..`


Aurelien Potier

Check out the iFrameExtractor project on github. While this is not exactly what you are looking for, it has scripts for building the ffmpeg libraries and the xcode project links the libraries.

Some more info in this blog post: