Using Aptana Studio to Import a Git Project But Permission Denied (publickey)


I tried to import an existing project from the github repository into aptana studio but an error says Permission denied (publickey). fatal: The remote end hung up unexpectedly

I made sure to add my ssh to my account in github. I also ran $ssh -vT [email protected] and this is what it says that the private key cannot be found.

On other windows 7 machine I never had a problem importing a Git project but on my home PC I can't get it to work. Anyone have a solution?

Apparently this has to do with the proper ssh - keys to be set with aptana. There are two possibilities 1) If you've installed the github for Windows application than you already have a key-pair. It will also be already registered with Github. You can find these under once you've logged on to github. Now you need to explain aptana to use the proper private key for that open Aptana and

  1. go to Window/Preferences -> General/Network Connections/SSH2
  2. Click Add Private Key... and select the github_rsa file, not the pub file, we want to tell aptana what your private key is.

Now aptana will use the proper key to connect to github