Use of trans-twig models


I'm currently using Twig templates and translations in a symfony project and a little problem came up.

I've checked the documentation but I can't figure that out.

I have a translation file (in yml), its configuration's like this.

    productMissingMessage: El producto con referencia %productRef% ha sido descatalogado en nuestra tienda.

In the twig template, I have something like this:

   {% for product in productsDeleted %}
      <p>{{'basket.productMissingMessage'|trans }}</p>
   {% endfor %}

It may sound stupid, but I'm struggling in how to add a parameter in there to get the value out to the trans file. I've seen in the documentation that you can add a string or a number, but never a variable, in this case, the variable will be {product}.

This is a documentation example:

    {{ message|trans({'%name%': 'Fabien'}, "app") }}

Any idea how to pass the value of the variable? I've tried with {{product}} but nope.

Thank you and have a nice day!

Translations should look like:

{% trans "Hello World!" %}

or like so:

{% trans %}
    Hello World!
{% endtrans %}

When using a var or property you can use:

{% set my_var = basket.productMissingMessage %}

{% trans %}
    Hello {{ my_var }}!
{% endtrans %}