use of local variable and global variable in crystal reports


Hello all I am new to crystal reports. I just want to know what is a local and a global variable. Please suggest what is the difference between local and global variables.

local variable: as the name says it is local to the formula created... it can't be used outside the formula declared.

Use: if you want to use the same name for a variable across many formulas then it should be used.

Global Variable: it can be used out side the scope of the formula created.

use: during calculations there will be use to reset the variable value to 0 anywhere in the report then this should be used.

Along with this there is one more variable that is `Shared` it also acts as a global variable

use: it is also used in resetting the value and also pass values between main report and sub report and viceversa



creating formula count

Global numbervar a;

Now I want to reset the value to 0 on change of every group then I use the below formula in group header as below.

Global Numbervar a;